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Premier PAPPA Members Get Perks

How can you become a 2022 Premier PAPPA Member?

Congratulations 2021 Premier


The following PAPPA members attended 5 or more events in 2020.

Amy Chernow, PPL Promotions

Andrea Fenner, Chocolate Inn / Lanco

Andrea Hemphill, EBC Printing & Signs

Bernard Wright, BDJ Adventures

Brian Deissroth, Vantage Apparel

Bruce Aldinger, Harmony Promotions

Bruce Korn, Zakback

Casey Flores, Spider Image

Christian May, Integrated Promotions

Cindy Wolff, Ambassador Awards

Deb Marsdate,  Showcase Graphics

Eric Frank, American Advertising Co.

Gary Cervi, PCNA

Gary Miller, The Standard Group

Geri Lessley, Zakback

Ginny Cohen, EBC Printing

Jack Epstein, Geiger

James Przybyszewski, Hit Promotional Products

Jodi Frank, Frank Communication Solutions

John Curtain, Mainline Sportswear & Promotions

John Davis, Geiger

Julie Heller, Geiger

Laurie Walker, The Barash Group

Mark Charbonneau, AAA Innovations

Mark Colfer, Showdown Displays

Mary Reynolds, Progressive Gifts

Matt Riehl, Jules Scheck Associates

Michael Kaufman, Wear It's At

Mike Barrett, The Personal Touch

Mike Rubin, Cutter and Buck

Mike Valentini, MVPromos

Mindy Frank, Apex

Nan Barash, The Barash Group

Peter Zales, Affordable Offset Printing

Rick Colvin, Info-Graphix Systems

Rob Schwartz, Big Promo Marketing

Sandy King, Geiger

Scott Kauffman, Geiger

Staci Whittington, Graphtech

Thomas Hower, Custom Advertising

Tom Clouser, Belpromo

Vince Deissroth, APPI Sales

Wanda Banks Green, ZAG

It’s easy. Just attend 5 PAPPA social and/or educational events (tradeshows not included) in 2021 and you will earn Premier Member Status for 2022.  (Current membership dues are required to benefit from the Premier status. Points are earned per person, not per company.) 

What are the perks of Premier Membership? Supplier and Rep members  have the first pick for their location at shows and first pick for the line up at virtual events. 

2022 Premier Members will be announced in December 2021.

Points are earned  annually and take effect the following year.

Premier Distributor Members:

*FREE admission for 10 end users to attend the Client Shows. ($50 savings per show)

*FREE Valet Service at the Winter & Fall trade shows. For your convenience, PAPPA will provide you with a place to put your bags and catalogs during the show. At the end of the show you can pick up your items to take with you.

*Prize drawing at the PAPPA shows

*Premier Member ribbon on your show lanyards

Call: 610-901-1048                                                    Email: patti@mypappa.org                  Address: P.O. Box 1686, Cranberry Township, PA 16066

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